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How Flowers Improve The Office Environment

Floral arrangements might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a formal office setting. You might have seen several waiting rooms or reception desks displaying a vase with large colourful flowers or a simple stylish bouquet. However, a simple act of displaying a vase of flowers in the office has its advantages.

Improving The Surrounding

When clients walk into the interior or are kept waiting, greenery can have simple calming effect and actually improve the mood. Not only does this brighten up the place, but it gives off a good impression. Just make sure that the flowers are changed once they start wilting. The scent and the colours in the office are a great way to improve the mood of the employees too, especially if the office is in an enclosed area with few or no windows.

Brightening Up the Work Place

Most florists who specialize in corporate flowers can generally help you pick the ideal bouquet. If you are picking your own, make selections that complement your office interiors and décor or that are simple and stylish. The vase of flowers should not get in the way of employees at work, but simply enhance the atmosphere too. White and paler colours go with almost any type of décor and will give a simple, classic look. Pastel colours are more serene, which are ideal for a waiting room or reception area where it won’t be too distracting, while bright, colourful flowers are great to liven up and inspire people in the office environment.

Maintenance and Care

The water should be changed every day to keep the flowers fresh for longer, you can even ask the florist for tips on keeping the flowers look fresh for longer. Remove any wilted or dead flowers as it will look more pleasing and the water will remain cleaner for long. Delivering fresh flowers and replacement options with the florist regarding when to replace the old flowers when necessary – or make a new selection and have the flowers same day delivery in Brisbane option.

Cost and Quality

Select flowers or plants of high quality that would last longer, rather than something that just looks pretty. You would be spending less in the long run. By selecting higher quality options the arrangements will not only last longer, but there will be less maintenance and it won’t be replaced as often. Keep a budget to avoid unnecessary expenditure – but most florists have special corporate bouquets or corporate packages to suit a client’s needs.